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Title: IFLA Cataloguing Principles: Steps towards an International Cataloguing Code - Report from the 3rd IFLA Meeting of Experts on an International Cataloguing Code, Cairo, Egypt, 2005 (Part 3)
Authors: IFLA Cataloguing Section
Tillett, Barbara
Reyad, Khaled Mohamed
Cristán, Ana Lupe
Keywords: Subject::Cataloguing
Subject::Cataloguing standards
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: K. G. Saur
Series/Report no.: IFLA Series on Bibliographic Control;Vol. 29.
Abstract: This book contains the proceedings of the third IFLA Meeting of Experts (IME) on an International Cataloguing Code (ICC), which was held in Cairo, Egypt in December 2005. A large number of international cataloguing experts met on that occasion to discuss the use of cataloguing rules throughout the Arabic-speaking world. Vol. 29 of the IFLA Series on Bibliographic Control is the latest report in a process towards International Cataloguing Principles that began in 2003 and will continue through 2007. Through the series of meetings represented by each volume the reader will be able to track the development and consultation taking place throughout the different parts of the world that will culminate with the creation of a truly international set of principles to guide the development of cataloguing codes worldwide. This volume contains information in English and Arabic on the recommendations of cataloguing experts from countries in the Arabic-speaking Middle East. The April 2006 draft Statement on International Cataloguing Principles included here reflects the votes of agreement from all participants of the IME ICC1 (Europe and Anglo-American), IME ICC2 (Latin America and the Caribbean), and IME ICC3 (Middle East).
ISBN: 3598242786
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