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Title: To Μανιφέστο της IFLA για τη διαφάνεια, τη χρηστή διακυβέρνηση και την εξάλειψη της διαφθοράς
Other Titles: IFLA Manifesto on Transparency, Good Governance and Freedom from Corruption
Authors: IFLA FAIFE (Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression)
Arahova, Antonia
Keywords: Subject::Freedom from corruption
Subject::Good governance
Subject::UN 2030 Agenda
Subject::Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Issue Date: Apr-2009
Publisher: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
Abstract: Transparency is the basis of good governance and the first step in fighting corruption. It provides a universal rationale for the provision of good records management systems, archives, and financial regulatory and monitoring systems. It is directly linked to the practice of socially responsible authorship and journalism, the work of editors, the publishing and the distribution of information through all media. Corruption undermines basic social values, threatens the rule of law, and undermines trust in political institutions. It creates a business environment in which only the corrupt thrive. It hinders scientific work and research, weakens the functions of the professions and obstructs the emergence of the knowledge society. It is a major contribution to the creation and prolongation of human misery and the inhibiting of development. Corruption succeeds most under conditions of secrecy and general ignorance. IFLA asserts that libraries are in their very essence transparency institutions, dedicated to making available the most accurate and unbiased educational, scientific and technical, and socially relevant information to each and everyone. The information materials and access provided by libraries and information services contribute to good governance by enlarging the knowledge of citizens and enriching their discussions and debates. Libraries and information services should extend their mission so as to become more active components in good governance and the struggle against corruption. In particular they can perform a significant role in informing citizens of their rights and entitlements.
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