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Title: Virtual Reality @ Library
Authors: Mohamed, Afzan
Keywords: Subject::Library users
Subject::Playful reading
Subject::Reading promotion
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2022
Publisher: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
Series/Report no.: 86th IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) / 2021 (virtual);Poster Sessions
Abstract: Virtual Reality (VR) has become a mainstream reality. VR is a technology that can allow a person to feel present in completely digitally created world. This feeling of presence is produced by replacing a user's vision with a stereoscopic image updated in real time of an environment rendered by a computer, viewed by the user through a headset. With the addition of accompanying audio experienced through headphones, a well-crafted experience can immerse the user in the digital environment, overriding his or her sense of physical place The most commonly used input tools are joysticks, force balls / tracking balls, controller wands, data gloves, track-pads, on-device control buttons, motion trackers, bodysuits, treadmills and motion platforms (virtual omni). This virtual reality (VR) service was introduced in October 2019 to provide a brand-new social engagement tool designed to get user interacting, communicating and socializing. An estimated 350 people were using the service when it was first introduced. The amount is expected to increase 5-10% every month. Although Virtual Reality (VR) is common only in entertainment theme parks around the world, at Johor Public Library Corporation the main purpose is to attract the community who have never been to the library to visit the library and are expected to develop a deep interest in reading.
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