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Title: Building Strong Library Associations Programme Manual
Other Titles: BSLA Programme Manual
Authors: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
Keywords: Subject::Building Strong Library Associations
Subject::Library associations
Issue Date: Aug-2016
Publisher: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
Abstract: The purpose of this manual is to provide a comprehensive overview of the BSLA programme, and its management from the perspective of IFLA, associations using the programme, and partner organizations. It provides guidance on planning projects and activities and evaluation. If you are planning a BSLA project, or participating as a trainer, the manual includes all of the information and documentation needed to run the programme effectively.
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bsla_programme_manual_2016.pdfBSLA Programme Manual455.65 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
annex1_bsla_introduction.pptAnnex 1: An introduction to BSLA – Powerpoint presentation7.58 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
annex2_blended_learning_specification.pdfAnnex 2: Blended learning specification – PDF887.55 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
annex3_IFLA_BSLA_impactreport_2012.pdfAnnex 3: BSLA Impact Report 20121.14 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
annex4_bsla_case_studies.docAnnex 4: List of Case studies by module60 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
annex5_bsla_accredited_trainers.xlsAnnex 5: List of accredited BSLA trainers36.5 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
annex6_bsla_introduction_trainers_guide.docAnnex 6: BSLA Introduction and Trainers Guide170.5 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
annex7_bsla_project_proposal_form.docAnnex 7 : BSLA project proposal form127.5 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
annex8_ALP_application_sample_bulgaria.pdfAnnex 8: Sample project proposal – "Leadership for municipal public libraries: training of 12 trainers who will deliver a cascade training throughout the country", Bulgarian Library and Information Association330.49 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
annex9_project_assessment_form.xlsAnnex 9: Project assessment form44.5 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
annex10_mou_template.docAnnex 10: MOU Template89.5 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
annex10a_guidelines_financial_reports.pdfAnnex 10a: Guidelines for financial reports167.07 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
annex10b_guidelines_final_reports.docAnnex 10b: Guidelines for narrative and impact reports88 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
annex11_project_report_template.docxAnnex 11: Template for final narrative and impact reports66.35 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
annex12_blank_invoice.xlsAnnex 12: Blank invoice for financial reports34.5 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
annex13_association_presentation_template.pptAnnex 13: Association presentation template243 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
annex14_evaluating_small_projects.docxAnnex 14: Evaluating Small Projects within the BSLA Programme45.45 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
annex15_evaluation_framework_full.docAnnex 15: Evaluation Framework – Full Framework for Programme Managers302 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
annex15a_evaluation_framework.docAnnex 15a: Evaluation Framework – Regional framework117 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
annex16_bsla-member-nonmember-survey-startprogramme.docAnnex 16: Member and non-member survey (start of project)125 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
annex17a_document_analysis.docAnnex 17a: Document analysis65.5 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
annex17b_focus_groups_template.docAnnex 17b: Focus group template46.5 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
annex17c_post_workshop_evaluation_participants.docAnnex 17c: Post-workshop assessment form66 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
annex18a_bsla_member_nonmember_survey_endprogramme.docAnnex 18a: Perceptions of change template125 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
annex18b_bsla_perceptions_change.docxAnnex 18b: Member and non-member survey (end of project)121.81 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open

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