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Title: Definition of FRBRoo: A Conceptual Model for Bibliographic Information in Object-Oriented Formalism
Authors: IFLA Working Group on FRBR/CRM Dialogue
Bekiari, Chryssoula
Doerr, Martin
Le Boeuf, Patrick
Riva, Pat
Keywords: Subject::Bibliographic conceptual models
Subject::Bibliographic data
Subject::Bibliographic description
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
Abstract: Commonly known as FRBRoo, this model is closely related to IFLA’s FRBR family of conceptual models. It is the object-oriented version of these models. FRBRoo version 1 was based on FRBR alone, while FRBRoo version 2 is based on the three models: FRBR, FRAD and FRSAD. FRBRoo remains true to the original models. It does not change the concepts expressed in the original three models, nor does it transform any aspect. It provides an alternative view or interpretation of the FRBR family of models. It is an object-oriented model, that is, the ontology described in FRBRoo uses an object oriented formalism instead of entity-relationship modelling. Thus, FRBRoo is better suited for the implementation of FRBR concepts in object oriented tools. It also makes explicit some concepts that were implicit in the original models, thus making it easier to move from conceptual model to real-life applications.
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