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dc.contributor.authorIFLA Public Library Section-
dc.contributor.editorGill, Philip-
dc.contributor.editorHenry, Carol-
dc.description.abstractThe public library is a locally based service meeting the needs of the local community and operating within the context of that community. These guidelines have been framed to provide assistance to librarians in any situation to develop an effective public library service related to the requirements of their local community. In this exciting and complex information world it is important for those in search of knowledge, information and creative experience that they succeed.en_US
dc.publisherAssociation of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republicen_US
dc.subjectSubject::Public librariesen_US
dc.titleSlužby veřejných knihoven: Smernice IFLA/UNESCO pro rozvojen_US
dc.title.alternativeThe Public Library Service: the IFLA/UNESCO Guidelines for Developmenten_US
dc.typeFlagship Publicationsen_US
dc.rights.holderAssociation of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republicen_US
dc.audienceAudience::Public Libraries Sectionen_US
ifla.UnitUnits::Section::Public Libraries Sectionen_US
dc.contributor.translatorMalá, Anna-
dc.contributor.translatorBartunková, Eva-
dc.contributor.translatorBurgetová, Jarmila-
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