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Title: Guidelines for professional library/information educational programs - 2000
Authors: Daniel, Evelyn
Lazinger, Susan
Harbo, Ole
IFLA Working Group on the Revision of the Standards for Library Schools
Keywords: Subject::Education and training
Subject::Library and information science education
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: IFLA
Abstract: Library/information educational programs have a long and distinguished history. In the past, they have focused on developing physical collections of books and other materials in library buildings staffed by people who have learned to select, acquire, organize, retrieve and circulate these materials. Today library information programs extend beyond the physical collections and buildings to the virtual world of the Internet. Today the emphasis is on the individual practioner and the concentration is on information provision in a variety of contexts. Educational programs are offered at the technical level, at the graduate and professional level, and at the research and doctoral level. The guidelines offered here primarily address the graduate and professional level.
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